The Filmmakers

The Filmmakers


Amei Wallach was co-director and co-producer, with Marion Cajori, of Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine. Marion Cajori died in 2006, before editing could begin, and it became Wallach’s task to shape the film as a journey into the art and the psyche of an icon of American art. Amei Wallach is an award-winning art critic, journalist and curator. In 1987, she journeyed to the Soviet Union to produce a fivepart series on the effects of perestroika on the arts. There she encountered Ilya Kabakov and recognized his stature immediately. In 1995, she published the first artistic biography of the artist, Ilya Kabakov: The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away (New York: Abrams). Her articles have appeared in such publications as The New York Times Magazine, The Nation, Smithsonian, New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Architectural Digest, Art in America and ARTnews. She was chief art critic for New York Newsday and on-air arts commentator for the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour. She has written or contributed to 11 books. She won a 2006 Best Show award from the International Art Critics Association/USA for her exhibition Neo-Sincerity: The Difference Between the Comic and the Cosmic Is a Single Letter.


Ken Kobland was editor of Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine. Since 1975, he has produced independent film, video and media art works, including a number of performance/media pieces for theatrical presentation in collaboration with The Wooster Group, New York based experimental theater. His work has been included in numerous film and video festivals such as: Ann Arbor, CinemaTexas, Bellevue, Sinking Creek, Athens (Ohio), Atlanta Film Festival, American Film Festival (Film-as-Art), San Francisco Film Festival (Golden Gate Awards), Black Maria Film/Video Festival, Montreal, Oberhausen (West Germany), Hyeres (France), Melbourne (Australia), Montbeliard (France), Rotterdam, Video Week (Geneva), World-Wide (Holland), Lucarno (Switzerland), VideoKunst (Karlsruhe), the New York Video and Film Festival, and at the Berlin Film Festival – International Forum. He was fine cut editor and post-production producer for Marion Cajori’s film Chuck Close.


Kipjaz Savoie was line producer for Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine. He has worked in nearly all aspects of documentary production since leaving pastoral New England for New York City over a decade ago. In recent years, he has acted primarily as a producer and cinematographer, with additional credits as a multimedia creative director. While focusing on documentary film, his work has taken him from Panama to Pakistan and has been featured on PBS, HBO, Discovery, Bravo, A&E, and the BBC among others.


Mead Hunt was cinematographer on Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine. He has been working as a cinematographer in the documentary field for over 25 years. Primarily shooting documentaries on cultural subjects, he has worked on many award winning programs including “Toth,” the Academy Award-winning short, and the Emmy winning series “Broadway: The American Musical.”

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