Natural treatments for acne at home – be healthy naturally

Acne products form a very large market today. Many people, especially teens, but adults also, are looking for an effective acne treatment and spending lots of money testing various products. Unfortunately, a great number fail to deliver good or lasting results. For people who don’t want to keep searching an effective product, there is the option of natural cures for acne.

What is acne – a short introduction

Acne is a common human disease who infects the skin and causes redness and irritation. There are two types of acne: non inflammatory acne produces whiteheads and blackheads, and inflammatory acne produces papules ,nodules and cysts. Severe cases of inflammatory acne can lead to scaring..

Acne affects people mostly during adolescence, when they are very socially insecure, but often continues to adulthood. Because it causes psychological problems, an early treatment is advised to reduce trauma.

In easy to mild cases, medication can be successfully replaced with natural cures for acne. They can be equally effective, and, sometimes, all it takes to get rid of acne is to treat your body properly, ensuring a balanced nutrition and a good skin care. Following is a list of common ingredients, which can be found in almost any home.

Natural acne treatments at home #1

Garlic is not only an excellent condiment, but also stimulates the immune system. Acne uses: rub freshly squeezed garlic on your inflammation and all around it.

Natural acne treatments at home #2

Tea Tree Oil has been used for decades as a natural antiseptic. Its curing effects are used to treat skin disorders: because it’s very concentrated, it  must be diluted with other oils (jojoba), then applied to problem are.

Natural acne treatments at home #3

A rich source for digestive enzymes like papain, papaya can also be used to cleanse the skin. Use 150 ml of papaya juice, preferably from a green one, alternated each hour for twelve hours by the same amount of cucumber or green bean juice.

Natural acne treatments at home #4

Mint juice is an excellent skin cleanser. It can be used to cure infections, for itching relief and for pimples.

Natural acne treatments at home #5

Vinegar can be used to restore your skin’s pH balance to a more alkaline state. Most often people use apple cider vinegar, but excellent results can be obtained from white vinegar as well.

Natural acne treatments at home #6

Baking soda can be a great cleaning scrub. Form a paste from a small amount of baking soda and water, and apply it gently on the face. Massage the skin for about ten seconds and then clean it. It will exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells, keeping the skin clean and preventing pores from clogging.

Don’t let acne become an embarrassing and burdensome problem. Some people can easily feel that they don’t have any kind of control over their acne breakouts. If you haven’t found an effective acne treatment yet, you can use natural cures for acne to remove infections and keep your skin clean and healthy. Keep acne away by forming a healthy lifestyle, with exercise, good nutrition and proper skin care.

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